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TCSPCA Visits South Caicos

This past week from the 8-13th May the TCSPCA, along with volunteer vet team Dr Terry Eylers, and Vet Tech Sierra Michal, carried out a spay & neuter clinic in South Caicos.

As always the TCSPCA is grateful to Heidi Hertler and Clarence Stringer of the School for Field Studies who provide the clinic space, accommodation, and food for the whole team for the duration of their visit. We appreciate you more than you know!

South Caicos has no veterinary care year round and so these clinics are essential to help control the stray cat and dog population on the island. Whilst we are there locals take the opportunity to visit the clinic for wellness checks for their animals also. It's a busy time! The team were kept on their toes this week and performed 28 surgeries in total which breaks down as follows:

12 Dog Spays

14 Dog Neuters

1 Cat Spay

1 Cat Neuter

They also provided vet care and wellness checks to all animals that presented at the SFS over the course of the week. They educated the children on the best way to care for their pets, and gave out de-worming tablets, flea and tick treatments and a whole host of other goodies!

These essential spay and neuter clinics on the sister islands of the TCI are so important, and it seems are making a great impact on the stray dog and cat population. Our last clinic in North & Middle Caicos, and now this one in South have been quieter than on previous visits, which indicates a drop in unwanted births. It's working!!!!

Congratulations to the whole team on another hugely successful clinic, the animals of South Caicos are in healthier and happier because of you!

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