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From The Street to Happy Feet!

In January, several kind residents reported his sad condition to the TCSPCA to see if we were able to help him.

Yadviga, a resident in the area would stop by most days to take food to Oliver, but he needed more care for his skin condition.

Volunteers Kelly and Louise set two traps in the area overnight, loaded them up with chicken, and then returned the following morning. Oliver was starving, and so he went into one of traps to eat, and BINGO! We had him!

Oliver was transported straight to Pampered Paws, where Donna and team spent weeks working with Oliver to clear his mange, and to socialize him with humans and other dogs. He had regular lime dips, and gradually his condition improved.

Yadviga, who had recently lost one of her beloved dogs, decided to give Oliver a home, with her and her three other dogs Blacky, Rusty and Sparky. Once Oliver was well enough to go home, Yadviga came and collected him.

And this is what Oliver looks like now........

We just love his little happy feet in the video!

Thank you to all the concerned residents who called and alerted us to Oliver's plight, to Pampered Paws for their care and dedication in treating and rehabilitating Oliver, and to Yadviga for giving this lovely happy boy a home where he can feel safe and loved.

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