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Adoption and Fostering



We prefer to adopt on island since it gives us an opportunity to involve families in pet care and to promote spay/neuter of other animals they might own. However, an increasing number are adopted off island with the help of our International Partners. Before travel each animal is given its’ core vaccinations, examined by a veterinarian for a clean bill of health, and provided with a travel certificate. These animals are then transported, by couriers, to destinations in the USA or Canada where they will either go directly to their new home, or to one of our International Partners, who will handle the adoption process.


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Our volunteers open up their homes to puppies and kittens year-round to ensure that they get the best care, food, and medical assistance as possible. This invaluable time in a family home also socializes the animal, making it more adoptable. Often puppies and kittens will spend weeks, or even months, in the care of a foster before they are put up for adoption. Our partners at Pampered Paws have dedicated runs for TCSCPA animals, and we utilize these for longer term fostering of our older dogs, and recuperation and rehabilitation of animals that have come to us with injuries. We endeavor to keep the number of foster animals limited to 10 at any one time, although this is rarely possible!



We rely on kind-hearted tourists, or TCI residents to courier animals from the Turks and Caicos to their new homes. The TCSPCA relies on couriers to transport our dogs and cats from the islands as they are not allowed by the airlines to fly unaccompanied.

Off island adoption is easy, we have done this hundreds of times! 

  • Puppies/kittens can be carried in the passenger cabin of an aircraft, under the seat, which eliminates the stress of riding in cargo.

  • Every puppy comes with his/her shots and a medical/travel certificate, accepted in the USA and Canada.

  • The TCSPCA will provide airline-approved pet carrier bags, and all other items necessary for the flight. 

  • The TCSPCA books the animal on your flight and covers all the veterinary sign off fees.

  • A TCSPCA volunteer will bring the animal to you at the airport prior to your departure and explain the entire procedure from beginning to end. 

  • A volunteer or the new pet owner will meet you at your destination airport to transport the animal to its new home. 

  • If you are interested in being a courier for us on your next visit please drop Susan an email on, or call 1-649-231-3052.


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