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3 Lucky Potcakes Fly to Canada!

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES Saturday was a big day for the TCSPCA and Pampered Paws. Three beautiful rescue dogs, Jasper, Paco & Thomas, were flown to their new lives in Canada..... this is their story.

Jasper was reported to Susan, the TCSPCA Director, back in December last year. He had a deeply embedded collar in his neck, and was suffering. He had been abandoned by his owners, and although the neighbours were leaving food out for him, no one was unable to touch him. He was too scared, and in too much pain. TCSPCA Volunteer Sally Galleymore, and her husband John made it their mission to trap Jasper. They succeeded in this endeavour on New Year's Day, and he was rushed straight to TC Vets to have the collar removed. The wound was horrific, very deep and badly infected. Jasper stayed in the TCSPCA offices for a few weeks to recover from his ordeal. He was very shy, but he knew we were helping him and so was patient with all of our poking, prodding and bathing. Eventually he was well enough to move over to Pampered Paws where Donna and Team did an excellent job at getting him back to full health. Paco was a regular visitor to the Wymara Resort, and although he was a street dog, he was friendly. Dayana, who runs the Boutique at Wymara fell in love with Paco and would feed him daily. She contacted the TCSPCA as she decided she would like to sponsor Paco's rescue, and his care at Pampered Paws until he could find his forever home. We set off with a trap, and some bacon and sausage from the Wymara breakfast buffet! The temptation was too much for Paco, and he went into the trap almost immediately. He was moved to Pampered Paws where his transition from wiley street dog to loyal pet was begun. Thomas was a member of the pack of dogs that live on the beach around Da Conch Shack. A visiting tourist, Lori, contacted us about the condition of the dogs there, and said that she wanted to help them. Thomas, along with two other male dogs, were picked up from Da Conch Shack and taken to Pampered Paws. For a dog that had lived his entire life as a stray on the beach, Thomas was a very well behaved and mild mannered dog, and relished all of this new attention. All three dogs needed to be transported to Toronto. Thomas would be met by Lori, who was taking him home with her, and Jasper and Paco were going to Fur Ever Friends Rescue in Coldwater, just outside Toronto. Sarah, Founder of Fur Ever Friends will ensure they both get the amazing homes they deserve. All we needed now was a courier.... and that's when Annie came on the scene. She was travelling to Toronto, and so offered to escourt all the dogs with her. Everyone was given a bath, and a new bandana, and waved off at the airport on Saturday 4th May! Annie, Jasper, Paco and Thomas were met in Toronto and handed over for the next step of their journey. The TCSPCA would like to thank Sally & John Galleymore for their tenacious trapping skills, Dayana for sponsoring Paco, Lori for her big heart in helping Thomas, and Annie for being our courier. Thanks also to Sarah for taking in Jasper and Paco and giving them a new start in life. We are only able to continue on in this valuable work because of people like you. The TCSPCA is a not for profit organization that runs solely on donations. If you would llike to make a donation so that we can continue to help dogs such as these please click on the link below:

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