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Two days per week our volunteers go into the communities to pick up animals for surgery and return them to their owners. Each animal receives a free rabies & distemper vaccination, a vaccination certificate, a collar and a name tag. Responsible pet ownership is discussed with the family and they are left with our pet care brochure.
Since 2008: 832 Spay/Neuture Surgeries + 4,160 unwanted puppies

Grand Turk:
Gov't funding for the no kill shelter (spay/neuter) program ended in March 2010. The TCSPCA provide both cor and rabies vacs plus international Health Certificates fo the 56 animals that were safely airlifted from Grand Turk to central Florida where they are now house in an animal shelter. We continue to provid spay/neuter & vaccinations to Grand Turk residents.
Middle Caicos:
2010 marked our first attempt to bring a mobile service to other islands and it was a huge success. Thanks to all the volunteers from Middle and the donations of accommodation, clinic space and free bardging of our van full of surgical equipment.

Salt Cay & North Caicos:
Our success in Middle Caicos with our mobile clinic has prompted residents on other islands without access to verterinary care to seek our help, North Caicos is the next stp with our mobile spay/neuter clinic.

Animal Control

We are working closely with the Turks and Caicos Islands government to develop a comprehensive Animal Control & Welfare plan for the country.

This plan includes the hiring of staff and setting up policies and procedures to deal with such issues as stray animals, dog registration, cruelty and the enforcement of the newly passed Dog Control Ordinance.

We are also lobbying government to put the proper procedures and policies in place to qualify the country for the Pet Passport Scheme.

We assist residents & hotels in how to deal with problems of stray or feral dogs on their property.

“He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men.
We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”
Immanuel Kent

Why Spay/Neuter?
Call 231-3052 / 941-8846 for more information

1. A spayed or neutered pet lives a longer, healthier life
Spaying your female decreases her chances of cancer.
A neutered male is less likely to roam, so bites & diseases transmitted by fighting are reduced.

2. A 'fixed' animal makes a better pet.
A neutured male's personality will not change except that he will not be distracted by females in heat. He will be less tempted to leaver your property & cross a dangerous road searching for a mate.
He is also less likely to mark your garden or yeard with his urine.

3. You are helping solve the dog & cat overpopulation problem.
Thousands of unwanted puppies & kittens are born every year in the Turks & Caicos Islands.
The TCSPCA can only find homes for a limited number (100) every year. The rest becomewild, living out a meager & dangerous life in the bush or they have to be put to sleep.


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Act as a responsible pet owner
Help control the wild animal population, Spay & Neuture your animals

Create a safe environmet
Keep your pets at home and walk your dog on a leash

Teach other to respect animals
Report animal abuse to the TCSPCA and education children


Email us at tcspca@tciway.tc / Call us on 649-941-8846 (office) / 649-231-3052(mobile)

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