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July 2015 ~ALERT!!~


*Please see that your puppy gets vaccinated against Parvo.
*Your puppy needs a series of shots 3 weeks apart, beginning at 7 weeks old.
*Parvo can live in the ground for months and infect your puppy.
It does not affect people or cats, but you can spread it from the bottom of your shoes.
*You cannot see the virus, only the results once the puppy is infected.
*If you, a family member or friend have a puppy make sure it gets it shots.
*Please ask us for more information

Katy Perry & Victor

Usually, this column is devoted to stories of dogs or cats, which have been rescued by the Turks & Caicos Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (TCSPCA). But the TCSPCA is a voice for all the animals in the TCI, including domestic animals and wild.
On December 26th Donna Doran, owner of Pampered Paws, received a call from the Turks & Caicos Veterinary Associates. Dr. Larry Reed told her they had just taken in a female pygmy goat, brought to them that day, by a Good Samaritan. She had been attacked by a pack of dogs, dragged to the ground and badly mauled, and had suffered several puncture wounds. She was very weak. Would Donna take her?
Highslide JS The instant reply was “Of course.” Donna has a fair bit of experience with goats. Randy, a full sized goat, has been a resident at Pampered Paws for several years. He often takes part in the dog obedience classes on Saturday morning and is everybody’s darling.
The tiny goat was so weak she could not stand. Donna and her staff brought the wee little girl into her home, where she was ensconced on a soft cushion in a large dog crate. She weighed barely 20 lb. They did not think she would survive the night, but she was safe and comfortable.
Later that same day Pampered Paws received another call. A young woman had found a tiny ball of downy feathers by the road in the Bight. Would they take it in? Donna also has several chickens and her niece, Britt, who was visiting, volunteered to take on the chick. She named him Victor and in a few hours he had bonded with her.

Highslide JS The goat, named Katy Perry for her soft voice, did survive the night. They kept her in the house until she gathered up enough strength to munch in the garden and meet Randy. She and Randy are best friends now. He nibbles her ear and she follows him everywhere.
Meanwhile, with the magic of antibiotics and tender loving care, Victor has matured into a small juvenile. He is healthy and strong, eating bugs for the very first time a few days ago. Donna said that he lives in the house, and runs the show. Victor is allowed out in the yard to catch bugs; however he is always supervised by his Mother Hen, Britt and he, in turn, follows her everywhere. Those who do not spend a lot of time around animals may be surprised to know that he gets along well with the five cats.
Pampered Paws is the only private boarding kennel in the TCI. Owner Donna Doran has helped the TCSPCA for many years, providing care and shelter for hundreds of rescued animals, mainly dogs and cats, but also goats, chickens, terrapins, and birds. At Pampered Paws they are safe and well cared for by experienced, caring, knowledgeable staff, until they can be placed into good, loving homes. The TCSPCA does not run a shelter. The costs are prohibitive and they have learned how other Caribbean Humane Societies’ facilities morph into geriatric homes for animals. By working closely with Pampered Paws, the TCSPCA keeps the number of animals in care very low, which allows for the bulk of the hard earned funding to be used for low cost spay/neuter. Preventing future generations of unwanted puppies and kittens, through education and the spay/neuter program, is the number one goal of the TCSPCA. Please support them.

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A little dog was rescued, he could fit in a bread basket (in fact that was his first home) He was called Digger 8 yrs ago... It was a joke, he was too tiny and weak to really dig up anything... 8 years later, we still haven't changed his name *sigh

The TCSPCA is the oldest and most established Animal Welfare Organization in the Turks & Caicos Islands. It was established by Belongers in 1998. We are a non profit, registered charity and we are dependant on donations. Please consider this worthwhile cause.

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If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men. ~St. Francis of Assisi

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