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Highslide JS For the sixth time this year the Turks and Caicos Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (TCSPCA) has hosted a successful spay and neuter clinic.
The clinic, which was held in Providenciales from November 2 to 6, means that all of the family islands have been visited by the team in 2015, a press release from the society read.
Dr. Meghann Kruck with her vet techs Andrea Burgeson and Kandace Akervik from Kindest Cut, a low cost high quality spay and neuter programme based in Minnesota, performed 107 surgeries during the five-day clinic.
This team spayed 41 dogs and 13 cats and neutered 42 dogs and 11 cats.
They also performed two eyelid tacking surgeries and ran numerous heartworm blood tests.
In addition to all the Providenciales animals, dogs and cats were shipped from North Caicos and Grand Turk to see the vet and have procedures done.
This was the sixth visit to the TCI by Kindest Cut this year. A team ran a clinic in Grand Turk in January and September plus another team was in North and Middle Caicos in April and another in South Caicos in May - A grand total of more than 600 surgeries for all the islands.
According to the release: 'Dr. Kruck is committed to arranging multiple visits a year to the TCI to provide professional vet care for the animals of the islands.
"The Department of Agriculture provided identifying microchips which were implanted during surgery, and all dogs were licensed.
"Dr. Mark Butler, Chief Veterinary Officer, is very supportive of the ongoing collaboration between government and the TCSPCA to provide spay/neuter surgeries for owned dogs and cats throughout the TCI.
"Also, the newly appointed Director of Agriculture Wilhelmina Kissoonsingh paid a visit to the clinic to meet the vet team and to thank them for their ongoing support by providing these much needed veterinary services in the TCI."
The TCSPCA spay and neuter programme is a cruicial part of animal control in the TCI and pet owners throughout the communities are making appointments for their animals to have the surgery and to keep their vaccinaitons up to date.
The Provo clinic would not have been possible without the support of local businesses and retaurants and the dedicated TCSPCA volunteers who made all the appointments, manned the phones, prepared paperwork, cleaned surgical instruments and cages," the release from the TCSPCA read.
"Also, Donna Doran owner of the boarding kennel Pampered Paws provided before and aftercare for some of the animals having surgery.
"Special thanks to Blue Haven for providing wonderful accommodation for the vet team and to Potcake Project for providing roundtrip airline tickets from the states.
"Also, thank you to Sharkbite, Top of the Cove and The Landing for the delicious lunches.
"The vet team really enjoyed the festivities at the weekly Fish Fry at the Lower Bight Park.
"We all look foward to Dr. Kruck's return to our islands in 2016."
If anyone has a pet that has not yet been spayed or neutered they can contact the TCSPCA at 941-8846 to book an appointment for the next clinic.

Protect Your Pet!

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Heartworm is an easily avoided killer of your pet! Once monthly pills in chewable form will ensure your dog can live a longer life with much more energy and vitality!

Contact the TCSPCA for advice on how to maintain your dogs health. You can extend your dogs life and their quality of life by decades with this simple affordable medication.

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Successful Spay/Neuter Clinic Nov 2015

A 1 week total of 107 Spays and Neuters and 3 specialty surgeries. This clinic was a huge success thank you to many groups working together. Thank you to the TCSPCA, Potcake Project and all the wonderful volunteers that made this possible.

Nov 2015 ~ALERT!!~


*Please see that your puppy gets vaccinated against Parvo.
*Your puppy needs a series of shots 3 weeks apart, beginning at 7 weeks old.
*Parvo can live in the ground for months and infect your puppy.
It does not affect people or cats, but you can spread it from the bottom of your shoes.
*You cannot see the virus, only the results once the puppy is infected.
*If you, a family member or friend have a puppy make sure it gets it shots.
*Please ask us for more information

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A little dog was rescued, he could fit in a bread basket (in fact that was his first home) He was called Digger 8 yrs ago... It was a joke, he was too tiny and weak to really dig up anything... 8 years later, we still haven't changed his name *sigh

The TCSPCA is the oldest and most established Animal Welfare Organization in the Turks & Caicos Islands. It was established by Belongers in 1998. We are a non profit, registered charity and we are dependant on donations. Please consider this worthwhile cause.

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